Multi-scale Modelling Programme (MSMP)


Focus on multi-scale phenomena in : 
  • Climate Modelling
  • Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Interactions
  • Computational Geodynamics

Organisational Assignments

Dr. K Rajendran

Group Head and Coordinator, MSMP

Member, Lab Strategic Group of CSIR 4PI

Chairman, Purchase Committee, CSIR-4PI

Member, AcSIR Academic Commitee

Member, Space Management Commitee, CSIR-4PI

Dr. Sajani Surendran

Member, Standing Publications, Ethics and Scientific Vigilance Committee (SEC)

Member, ICAST Advisory Committee

Member, SPARK Commitee

Dr. Anil Earnest

Coordinator, Webservices, CSIR-4PI

Member, Annual Report Commitee

Member, CSIR Core Committee for Societal Portal

Invited Talks

Dr. K Rajendran delivered an invited talk on "High resolution climate model projections over India and adaptation strategies for rice yield changes" in Vaibhav Summit session on Climate Change: Moving towards a climate resilient environment and society- Advent of novel techniques and tools (V11H5S2) on 16 October 2020.