Fri, Oct 22, 2021
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 CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute

(Formerly CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation)

A constituent laboratory of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR).

Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Subsurface imaging of brown coal bearing Tertiary sedimentaries - Deccan Trap interface using microtremor method
Comparative Evaluation of the skill of a Global Circulation Model and a Limited Area Model in simulating Tropical Cyclones in the North Indian Ocean
Monsoon Climate Change Projection for the Orographic West Coast of India Using High‐Resolution Nested Dynamical Downscaling Model
Evaluation of a GCM in seasonal forecasting of extreme rainfall events over continental India
Temperature dependent transmission potential model for chikungunya in India
Seismic hazard and probability assessment of Kashmir valley, northwest Himalaya, India
Moisture Supply from the Western Ghats Forests to Water Deficit East Coast of India
India plate angular velocity and contemporary deformation rates from continuous GPS measurements from 1996 to 2015
Parameterization of water vapor using high-resolution GPS data and empirical models
Structural insights from geodetic Global Positioning System measurements in the Darjiling-Sikkim Himalaya
Seismic hazard and risk assessment based on Unified Scaling Law for Earthquakes: thirteen principal urban agglomerations of India
Monsoon rainfall over India in June and link with northwest tropical pacific
Simulation of extreme temperature over Odisha during May 2015
Comparative Study of Monsoon Rainfall Variability over India and the Odisha State
Crustal Structure beneath the Kashmir Basin Adjoining the Western Himalayan Syntaxis
Identifying the Transition Zone Between East and West Dharwar Craton by Seismic Imaging
Neo-deterministic seismic hazard scenarios for India - a preventive tool for disaster mitigation
Urban extreme rainfall events: categorical skill of WRF model simulations for localized and non-localized events
Subsurface profiling along Banni Plains and bounding faults, Kachchh, Western India using microtremors method
Subsurface profiling of granite pluton using microtremor method: southern Aravalli, Gujarat, India
Observational evidence for the relationship between spring soil moisture and June rainfall over the Indian region
Earthquake Hazard and Risk Assessment Based on Unified Scaling Law for Earthquakes: State of Gujarat, India
Impact of Assimilation on Heavy Rainfall Simulations Using WRF Model: Sensitivity of Assimilation Results to Background Error Statistics
An evaluation strategy of skill of high-resolution rainfall forecast for specific agricultural applications
Reflection and Refraction of Attenuated Waves at the Interface Between Cracked Poroelastic Medium and Porous Solid Saturated with Two Immiscible Fluids
Precipitation-aerosol relationship over the Indian region during drought and excess summer monsoon years
Reduction of uncertainty associated with future changes in Indian summer monsoon projected by climate models and assessment of monsoon teleconnections
Neo-deterministic Definition of Seismic and Tsunami Hazard Scenarios for the Territory of Gujarat (India)
Probabilistic earthquake hazard assessment for Peninsular India
An Assessment of Optimality of Observations in High-resolution Weather Forecasting
Evaluation of high resolution rainfall forecasts over Karnataka for the 2011 southwest and northeast monsoon seasons
Impact of data assimilation on high-resolution rainfall forecasts: A spatial, seasonal, and category analysis
Propagation of torsional surface waves in a double porous layer lying over a Gibson half space
Propagation of Torsional surface waves in an inhomogeneous anisotropic fluid saturated porous layered half space under initial stress with varying properties
Wave propagation across the imperfectly bonded interface between cracked elastic solid and porous solid saturated with two immiscible viscous fluids
Prediction of Indian rainfall during the summer monsoon season on the basis of links with equatorial Pacific and Indian Ocean climate indices
Robust signals of future projections of Indian summer monsoon rainfall by IPCC AR5 climate models: Role of seasonal cycle and interannual variability
Seismic hazard and risk assessment based on the unified scaling law for earthquakes
Comparing statistically downscaled simulations of Indian monsoon at different spatial resolutions
A Preliminary Study on Rainfall Pattern before and after the January 26, 2001 Bhuj Earthquake (Mw 7.7) over Kachchh Region of Western Peninsular, India.
Finite element analysis of the generalized magneto-thermoelastic inhomogeneous orthotropic solid cylinder
Ultra-high Resolution Global Model Climate Change Projection for India: Towards a Data Intensive Paradigm
The Role of Microzonation in Estimating Earthquake Risk
Seismotectonic implications of strike–slip earthquakes in the Darjiling–Sikkim Himalaya
A comparative evaluation of impact of domain size and parameterization scheme on simulation of tropical cyclones in the Bay of Bengal
Estimation of seismic hazard and risks for the Himalayas and surrounding regions based on Unified Scaling Law for Earthquakes
The Aqua-Planet Experiment (APE): Response to Changed Meridional SST Profile
Do CMIP5 simulations of Indian summer monsoon rainfall differ from those of CMIP3?
Effect of Rotation, Magnetic Field and Initial Stresses on Propagation of Plane Waves in Transversely Isotropic Dissipative Half Space
How dependent is climate change projection of Indian summer monsoon rainfall and extreme events on model resolution?