Modelling for Science, for a better future - some recent outcomes


Inclusive growth and improved quality of life for India's 800 million citizens through science and technology interventions that are socially and economically relevant.
CSIR-800 has been launched with the aspiration of improving the lives of 800 million fellow Indians through S&T interventions. This requires not only first rate technologies but passion, commitment and energy from all partners. The path may not be smooth, but CSIR will work hard to fulfil its dream of reaching the unreached and demonstrate to the world that S&T can change the face of a country, bring smiles to the faces of 800 million citizens, and kindle in their hearts hopes for a better future.
I sincerely invite all citizens to join us in this initiative.
Prof. Samir K Brahmachari
Secretary (DSIR) & Director General (CSIR)

Source: CSIR-800 Website.

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