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Technology Workshop

Technology Workshop at CSIR C-MMACS, Bangalore (28 to 31st Jan 2012)

The workshop aims to capture the multitude of CSIR technologies grouped under 8 themes that have been developed over the past years for implementation in rural India to enhance their economic and health status. The 8 themes are Affordable Health, Value Added Agriculture, Potable Water, Women Empowerment, Sustainable Energy, Waste to Wealth, Housing and Transport And Tech village. These themes would enable the right infrastructure in terms of low cost housing, roads, access to potable water and benefit through value aided agriculture

Goals of Workshop:

  1. To create an information archive on the technology development process and community outreach – successes and failures.
  2. To develop XII Plan technology proposals for sustainable rural development, synergizing strengths of sister CSIR laboratories.
  3. To evolve generic models of outreach (Implementation Plan)

                                                                                                                                                              Dr Ehrlich Desa

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