New User FAQ

1.How to login CMMACS HPC?
From a Linux console, the command syntax is " ssh -X user@host ". The option -X enables X11 forwarding for graphical applications. The default shell is tcsh. From outside network first Login to C-MMACS gateway on here to obtain authentication, from there you can login to any Altix system. Users are advised to use PUTTY for accessing C-MMACS HPC from window system.

2.What is reason for following error " ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused"
The possibility is that remote user side firewall rules are blocking ssh connections.Make sure remote users do not have a firewall enabled to block SSH.

3.What is reason for following error  "ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer"
The suspected reason is that network gets congested during peak hours or there is massive data transfer involved in-frequently causing communication being lost. Another reason is that the target or source host may have gone out of processing resources

4. How to transfer file to CMMACS HPC?
For data transfer to the system the user has two possibilities. Use secure copy (scp) or login to one of the gateway or data nodes using sftp. Applying the sftp commands ls, cd, put, and get, you may transfer your code to the system.

Example User wants to transfer hello.f90 file to CMMACS-HPC:
$ sftp user@ice1
sftp> put hello.f90

5.How to check list of softwares installed on ICE?
You can see all software’s installed on ICE system using “module” command with option avail.

$module avail

-----------------/lustre/applications/modulefiles/ ---------------------
cfx-5 ferret_v6.07 hp-mpi intel_11.1.073 netcdf-3.6.3 radios
cmake fluent_13 hp-mpi- intel_XE_12.1.0 netcdf-4.1.3 totalview
diffpack git hpmpi liggghts openmpi totalviewd
diffpack1 hdf5 hpmpi-cfx mpich2 pvm-CFX
6.How to use specified software moudle ?
Using module command with option load with software module name.

$module load intel_XE_12.1.0

7.How to remove all loaded software modules from your environment ?
Using module command with option purge we can unload all software modules.

Example: $module purge

8.How to access ice through ftp ?
Due to security issue ftp is not allowed on ice system.

9.What is PBS?
Portable Batch System (or simply PBS) is the name of computer software that performs job scheduling. Its primary task is to allocate computational tasks, i.e., batch jobs, among the available computing resources. Users are advised to submit their jobs through PBS.

10.How to submit a job to PBS ?
A Sample PBS Job Script

#! /bin/csh
#PBS -l walltime=1:00:00
#PBS -N my_job
#PBS -q workq
#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=12:mpiprocs=12
#PBS -l place=scatter:excl

# Go to the directory from which you submitted the job
mpiexec_mpt -np 12 ./exefile


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