The Role of Microzonation in Estimating Earthquake Risk

by Imtiyaz A. Parvez & Philippe Rosset

This chapter is dedicated to understanding the role of seismic zonation and microzonation, as well as understanding seismic risk analysis and mitigation strategy. The merits and demerits of various approaches to estimating earthquake hazard are discussed in terms of whether it is probabilistic, deterministic, or neodeterministic. The importance of geotechnical, geomorphological, and geological databases for seismic microzonation has been highlighted along with various techniques available to characterize site conditions. A variety of tools currently in use illustrate the basic principles of microzonation mapping at different scales. The main parameters involved in earthquake loss assessments and evaluating the influence of soil conditions on these estimates are discussed using QLARM, an advanced seismic risk estimation tool, for a few case histories.


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