• Monsoon sensitivity to aerosol direct radiative forcing in the community atmosphere model

    by S Sajani, K Krishna Moorthy, K Rajendran and Ravi S Nanjundiah

    Aerosol forcing remains a dominant uncertainty in climate studies. The impact of aerosol direct radiative forcing on Indian monsoon is extremely complex and is strongly dependent on the model, aerosol distribution and characteristics specified in the model, modelling strategy employed as well as on spatial and temporal scales.

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  • Definition of seismic and tsunami hazard scenarios by exploiting EU-India Grid e-infrastructures

    by A. Magrin, A. Peresan, F. Vaccari, S. Cozzini, B.K. Rastogi, I.A. Parvez, G.F. Panza

    Seismic hazard assessment can be performed following a neo-deterministic approach (NDSHA), which allows to give a realistic description of the seismic ground motion due to an earthquake of given distance and magnitude. The approach is based on modelling techniques that have been developed from a detailed knowledge of both the seismic source process and the propagation of seismic waves.

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